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Learning landscape photography requires a good knowledge and a lot of practice. Technique is really important but outdoor photography has a lot of variables: weather, tides and wind are just some of them. The understanding of these variable can improve a lot your photography on the field.

2 – 3 Days Workshops

I always recommend to organise a course on the field, a couple of days around England, Cornwall or Wales (Scotland is a great destination too, just a few time more to organise everything). In these courses you can learn the theory and, more important, how take photos on the field. Of course i’m available for any of this location for a one day tuition.

1 Day Workshops

In one day you can expect to meet for the sunrise in a location at your choice and enjoy a full day of photography till the sunset. If subject of interest is possible extend the tuition through the night for some night photography and Milky Way. All these opportunities depend on the weather condition and any arrangements will be taken accordingly with yours needs, with the maximum flexibility.


Dorset, Wales:


Are you fancy a longer trip? Any destination can be arranged, take a look to my photos from around Europe and let them inspire you!

Usually every photography workshops will cover at least the following subjects:

  • Composition
  • Exposure (Reading histogram in different light situation)
  • Jpg and Raw – Why and how use Raw files
  • Filters (GND – Hard & Soft, ND, Polarizer)
  • How to take photo at night (Startrails, Milky way)
  • Long Exposure (ND1000 + GND, exposure and proper post-production)
  • Post-Production with Lightroom 5, Photoshop C6/CC and Plug-ins
  • Any other request by the client

Booking ad Prices

Send the form on the side. More days and people will reduce the cost, drop me an email for any information.

Always send an email to agree the total cost, that can be less or more accordingly with the client’s request, distance, accommodation, etc. I always try to do the best price and enjoy some great days of photography together.

Workshop 2015:

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