Terrascape Filter Pouch

ND, GND, polariser, filters holder, adaptor rings and maybe more; these are all the things we bring with us when using photography filters. After a bit of practice using those filters is pretty easy and useful; but having them close, safe and ready to use is really important. This is why a filters pouch is incredibly handy and useful. Today I’m reviewing the Terrascape Filter Bag CLASSIC, the bag is also available in other two models: SMALLONE and ONESIXFIVE. Both the classic and smallone can carry filters up to 100 x 150 mm, but the smallone is limited to 6 filters, the one I’ve tested has space for 11 filters. The ONESIXFIVE can carry seven filters, even the huge Lucroit 165 x 200, or Lee 150 x 170 mm  and all the 165 mm by Formatt-Hitech, SW150 from Lee Filters, 150 mm Haida Photo and 150 mm NiSi Filters. The version I’ve received for testing is the CLASSIC one, the third version available on the market, it has a lot of improvements and it was already great in first place.

Terrascape Filter Bag CLASSIC

Construction quality and materials

What I look for a filters pouch is the construction and the materials used, this bag totally satisfies my expectations. The material is waterproof with a big portion covering the top, I felt confident even under a sudden rainstorm. Another major plus is the size, with space for 11 filters, plus the holder and adaptor rings, it’s really compact. This is a major improvement from carrying every single filter inside its own pouch.

Photographic Filters Bag

The materials are all high-quality plastic, this is the right choice for a bag that will be exposed to water (even salted). The protection is good, of course this is not a bullet-proof protection case, but you can be sure the filters are protected like, or more, in the original case. Inside we found a really soft and smooth material, separating the filters. The sewing is great and all the plastic components (like the clips) come from YKK, the Japanese company famous for its zipper and assurance of high quality.

Slot-in Filters Bag

Using the Terrascape Filter Bag on the field

When I started using filters pouches I figured out it was impossible to come back. They are just really handy and useful, and I’ve found the Terrascape Filter Bag to be the best. The front pocket (bigger in the third version) can fit my Lee Filters holder and two adaptor rings. Having space for 11 filters is great, I’m using all the spaces available, but because I have different brands for the same filter for testing and sponsorship. A great feature is the possibility to turn upside down the inner pockets, so they fit tight the 85 mm filters for mirrorless cameras. With this configuration the bag can fits 20 filters (wow).

Terrascape Filter Pouch

The comfort is important when shooting, at Terrascape they added many anchor points so you can decide the best way to wear the pouch. The Terrascape Filter Bag can be worn on the belt, as a shoulder bag or even attached at the tripod. Everything is well balanced, there is no fear of tilting upside down.

Filter Pouch 100mm

Inside, on the top cover, you can find an handy pocket for the cleaning cloth – not included.


The Terrascape Filter Bag was my choice because is one of the first filters pouch on the market. Being at the third version means a good path of improvements and I directely know great photographers using these bags for years with no issues. After testing the bag for months I can only say that it’s the perfect bag for your filters, I can only give 5 stars out of 5 to this product.

Terrascape Filter Bag pouch

The Terrascape Filter Bag CLASSIC can be bought here for 46€ (about £33), a real value for the money.


+ High quality materials and construction

+ Waterproof (also great against sea water)

+ Handy front pocket for filters Holder

+ Compact size and easy to access

+ Effective protection

To be considered

! Cleaning cloth not included


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