Review: NiSi V5 100 Holder System, compared to NiSi Filter System V3

NiSi V5 100 Holder System

Slot-in filters have many advantages on screw-in filters, easier to stack, better control of light and, usually, outstanding quality. I had the opportunity to test many filters and holder in the last years, today I’ll test the NiSi Holder for 100mm wide filters. This review is for both NiSi V5 and V3, with a comparision between […]

Review: Terrascape Filter Bag CLASSIC pouch for photography filters

Terrascape Filter Pouch

ND, GND, polariser, filters holder, adaptor rings and maybe more; these are all the things we bring with us when using photography filters. After a bit of practice using those filters is pretty easy and useful; but having them close, safe and ready to use is really important. This is why a filters pouch is incredibly handy and […]

Review: NiSi Filters ND64 & GND 0.9 (3 stops)

NiSi Filters Review

This review has been translated from my original article on (in Italian)  Neutral density (ND) and graduated neutral density (GND) filters are among the most useful tools in landscape photography. In the last years many manufaturer entered the market in Europe, for this reason the average quality has increased and good products are manufactured […]