NiSi V5 100 Holder System

Slot-in filters have many advantages on screw-in filters, easier to stack, better control of light and, usually, outstanding quality. I had the opportunity to test many filters and holder in the last years, today I’ll test the NiSi Holder for 100mm wide filters. This review is for both NiSi V5 and V3, with a comparision between the two.

NiSi V5 kit

Filters’ holders are crucial tools for Landscape and Travel photographers, for many years there were only few holders on the market. Most of them support 3 filters, polariser included, and often have problems with wide lenses under 20mm on full frame camers. Lee Filters has introduced a new Landscape Polariser to avoid vignetting even at 16mm but it still supports 2 filters + polariser. Today I’ll test the NiSi V5 that don’t have these problems.

NiSi V5 Holder Kit

When you buy the NiSi V5 you’re actually buying much more than an holder, you have everything you need to start except for the filters, of course. The ring adaptors for 67, 72, 77 & 82 mm lenses are included, alongside with the polariser.

NiSi V5 filter holder

The new V5 holder kit by NiSi includes a rigid bag, really useful if you don’t have any filter pouch, but if you have many filters better choosing a third-party solution like the Terrascape Filters bag.

NiSi V5 Holder – build quality

The V5 and V3 are all made of aviation grade aluminium with a great precision, the V5 looks slightly sturdier and seems to screw even better than V3. The clip to put in place the holder has been moved to a more convenient side position, but the holder keeps moving a bit too much when we add and remove filters.

NiSi V5 vs V3

These movements happens too often also because is quite hard to pull the filters out. NiSi’s solution for the polariser is clever, it doesn’t rotate, it’s the ring that rotate thanks to a tiny wheel you can rotate even with all the ND & GND on.

NISI V5 Review

Thanks to this solution we have many pros:

  • no vignetting even at 16mm
  • the polariser is easy to rotate at any moment
  • support for 3 filters + polariser, 4 elements in total

The downside is you can’t use the polariser you want, and in the V3 kit the polariser wasn’t so great, but in the V5 has improved a lot.

NiSi V5 Polariser vs V3

If we test the two polariser on a LCD (that emits polarised light) we can easily see how much the V5 has improved on cutting the polarised light from the older version. Big plus is the total compatibility with all 100mm wide and 2mm thick filters, that is a standard in the sector.

NiSi V5 vs V3 polariser quality

A 100% polarisation doesn’t assure a great image quality and absence of color cast. I’ve compared the two filters on the field and then matched the WB and Tint in Lightroom.

NiSi V5 test polariser

As you can see in comparision above the NiSi V3 was too cold, the polariser on NiSi V5 is virtually perfect with no color cast. Also, from the last two images, the V5 cuts the reflections better than V3.


The NiSi V5 filters holder is a great tool for landscape photography, and great value for the money. It gets a full 4 stars out of 5.

Update: The NiSi V6 is out, long story short, it’s a full 5/5 stars. The Landscape Polariser included is the BEST polariser I’ve used in years, overall this is the most performing 100mm holder on the market. Find out the official NiSi UK website.

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  1. stefan
    stefan says:

    hi alessio
    can you tell me, if the lens-adapter from an older NiSi Filter holder is also fitting in the V3 or the V5. Or are V3 and V5 compatible?
    thank you in advance
    best regards

    • Alessio Andreani
      Alessio Andreani says:

      Hi Stefan, sorry for the late reply.
      What fo you mean for lens-adapter? The adaptor ring?
      If is that the case I don’t think so, the V3 and V5 have a really diferrent design and functionality.


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